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Plasma HDTV

The new generation of HDTV's in Plasma and LCD formats offer the ultimate viewing experience. Learn how to get the most from your Plasma HDTV experience at Cahners Electronics!


Plasma screens first entered the US market towards the end of 1999, but the concept has been around since July of 1964 at the University of Illinois. The first displays were nothing more than points of light created in laboratory experiments. The technology was developed and improved, and by the late 60's, it had become advanced enough to allow the scientists to construct geometric shapes.

Computer Monitors

Get the latest scoop on the best and top-selling monitors out in the market today. Choose and read reviews for brand names like HP, LG, Acer, Philips and many more.

The affordable sleek and stylish monitor

Brief history: My brief history of computers starts out about 2000 years ago, at the begining of the abacus, a wooden rack which held two or three horizontal wires with beads strung on them. When these beads where manouvered around, according to program...

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