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Family and Parenting

We offer up-to-date, comprehensive and informative resources and information for parents on raising children and enhancing family life.

Putting children and family first - Parenting

Mark Christie was making a lot of money flying around the country as the business manager for big-time athletes like NBA star Ray Allen. But five years ago, when Christie went on a business trip instead of going to his daughter's christening, he decided to give up the fast lane and dedicate himself to his family.

Homeschooling and Education

Homeschooling and education resources, educational information, links, products, businesses for homeschoolers, parents and teachers.

Compelling Reasons For Homeschooling

People choose the option of homeschooling their children for a variety of reasons. For many years, homeschooling was the purview of those families who lived in rural areas and found the cost and/or time it would take to transport their children to school unbearable. For these people, homeschooling was and continues to be the only real option when it comes to their children’s education.

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