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Lots of general information about all genres of the animal kingdom, from mammals to reptiles, and special features, fact sheets, and more...More

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Wild Life

Explore the amazing world of animals and wild life at Horseshoecreek. Learn about many of mother nature's incredible creations with our wide variety of animals, both land and marine wildlife, and marine ecosystems from all over the world.

Types of Marine Ecosystems

  • Coastal waters
  • Estuaries
  • Lagoons
  • Coral reefs
  • Soft-bottom continental shelves
  • Upwelling continental shelves
  • Open oceans
  • Polar oceans
Pet Health

Welcome to PETS! Are you an avid pet lover? Browse through our articles and resources for topics on pet health, pet tips and pet articles to help you keep your pets healthy and happy!

Dog health care means more than a yearly trip to the vet. Now more than ever, a dog's health problems can be prevented, cured, or alleviated, just like many human woes. [ More ]

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